Estandron-Testosterone and estrogen blend

This is a a little special preparation. Estandron contains 3 different testosterone esters and two estrogen esters. This is: Estradiol benzoate 1 mg Estradiol fenylpropionat 4mg Testosterone propionat 20 mg Testosterone fenylpropionat 40 mg Testosterone isokaproat 40 mg The reason for that is that the target audience for this steroid are women. For medical use.… Read More »


Halotestin is a oral steroid that is a derivative of testosterone. It has almost no anabolic effect, but has a powerful androgen effect. Maybe more androgent than testosterone. And has a very short half life. It means in practice that one does not get any increased muscle mass, but one can get a powerful increase… Read More »


This is a steroid hormone that is very popular among competitive bodybuilders. The reason is that Masteron makes muscles harder and does not lead to fluid retention. It is often the last four weeks before a contest. Masteron is a synthetic derivative of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Specifically; 2alfametyldihydrotestosteron. It contains the active ingredient drostanolon, which is… Read More »


Metyltestosteron is an oral steroid. Steroid has almost no anabolic effect, but have very high androgen effect. It is used almost exclusively due to the androgenic effect. Metyltestosteron is basically the testosterone molecule is added to the where a methyl group to extend the life in the blood. This is quite common for steroids in… Read More »

Nebido-Testosterone Undekanoat

Nebido is a fairly new testosterone product from Schering AG. It is used in the treatment of hypogonadism. Men who do not produce enough or any testosterone itself. Something that can also be a side effect of steroid abuse. Nebido replaces Primoteston Depot, also from Schering AG, much to the frustration of some of those… Read More »


Oral-Turinabol was developed in the early 1960s in East Germany, and was much used by athletes from Eastern block countries. Very many men and women used this steroid. Something that many people remember from the 1970s and early 1980s is the masculine East German female kulestøterne. At the time, this was a completely unknown steroid… Read More »

Primobolan-Metenolon Enantat and Acetate

Primobolan Depot is the safest steroid that is made. It is low, and not androgent toxic. Primobolan Depot works great even on low calorie diets and are often used before the body building competitions. Primobolan Depot came in the early 1960s from Schering AG in Berlin, Germany. Even if it is an old steroid, it… Read More »


Proviron is a orally from the drug manufacturer Schering androgen. It has no anabolic effect. The drug is used by bodybuilders before a competition. To be harder in the muscles. It is also used in cures to increase the effect of anabolic steroids. Medical treatment of Proviron is used in different sexual problems. Often in… Read More »

Sustanon-Omnadren mixtures and Testosterone

Sustanon is made up of four different types of testosterone esters: 30 mg testosterone propionat 60 mg testosterone fenylpropionat 60 mg testosterone isokaproat 100 mg testosterone dekanoat Omnadren also consists of four testosterone esters: 30 mg testosterone propionat 60 mg testosterone fenylpropionat 60 mg testosterone isokaproat 100 mg testosterone kaproat These Estonians work very well… Read More »

Testosterone Cypionat

This is a testosterone product which is very popular in the United States, where access is great and most of it is smuggled in from Mexico and other countries in South America. Testosterone cypionat is perhaps the most commonly used steroid in the United States. In Europe, there has been great access on this steroid,… Read More »